Natural Progesterone Cream

Written by Patricia Skinner
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One of the most useful supplements of all for many women is natural progesterone cream. Use of this valuable substance was pioneered by Dr. John Lee, who first noticed that it was more effective at halting, and even reversing, osteoporosis in his menopausal patients that the recommended artificial estrogen medication. Then his patients themselves noted that they were feeling better, and that their skin was looking better. Dr. Lee knew that he was on to something good as word spread.

Nature Identical Natural Progesterone Cream

Natural progesterone cream can bolster our natural supplies of many different hormones, because our bodies can use it to make other hormones. It is vital though, that the natural progesterone you use is what's known as "nature identical." If you do not see these words on the pack, then you may need to continue your search for a progesterone supplement.

There are a number of different makes of natural progesterone cream. The issues you need to look at when choosing a brand are strength; how much progesterone will you be getting per dose, and how large will the dose be? What other ingredients are in the natural progesterone cream?

One of the reasons we need natural progesterone is due to the prevalence of chemicals in our environment that behave like estrogen when we are exposed to them. These are called xenoestrogens. You need to avoid these xenoestrogens at all costs if you are to benefit from your natural progesterone cream. If it includes such substances as mineral oil or petroleum jelly (petroleum products are among the worst offenders), then you would probably be better off looking for a different brand.

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