Written by Patricia Skinner
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Don't let anyone tell you that Premarin is a natural form of hormone replacement therapy. It's natural for mares yes; it is, after all, taken from the urine of pregnant mares. It is not, however, natural for women, menopausal or otherwise. Premarin is a source of synthetic estrogen and progestin for women, often used during menopause.

Although it is considered better than some types of artificial hormone replacement therapy, mainly because it contains both estrogens and progestins, Premarin is still not natural to women, and not even nature identical. The risks posed by many different types of hormone replacement therapy are not decreased by taking Premarin. The contraindications are the same. You can only avoid these risks by taking natural menopausal supplements that will support the body's own natural production of hormones.

Premarin Side Effects

There are a number of side effects that have been documented with Premarin. Women who suffer from migraine should not take it because it can cause migraine. To the contrary, many women who take natural progesterone for example, or one of the natural herbs that trigger the body's production of female hormones, report a decrease in the incidence of migraine.

Premarin is included in the hormone preparations that pose an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease in women. In addition, any type of hormone replacement therapy has been discovered to contribute to the development of dementia in older women, contrary to earlier findings. The risk was serious enough on all counts for large and significant studies to be halted in the US in order to not expose women to any further risk.

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