Written by Patricia Skinner
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Much has been written about the benefits of progesterone for menopausal women. What many people, doctors and women included, don't realize though, is that only natural progesterone will have the kind of effects that women entering menopause will be looking for. Evidence has also been mounting over the past few decades that artificial hormones of any kind bring with them many problems.

Dr. Lee and Natural Progesterone

Back in the 1970s Dr. John Lee demonstrated very effectively that natural progesterone cream, when administered to his patients, had better effects by far than the artificial estrogen he had been using. He later demonstrated that artificial forms of this important female hormone do not have any advantages over the artificial estrogen. In other words, natural is definitely best.

Natural progesterone is nature identical. This means that it taken from a plant source as it is. There are a wide range of nature identical substances that we can use from plants and that can help us achieve a high level of health without the attendant risks associated with artificial forms of supplementation.

Progesterone in its natural form has proved to be invaluable to women in all stages of life, not just menopause. It has a balancing and calming effect, and has evidently helped many women with diverse issues including all kind of hormone imbalances. Anything from water retention to insomnia can and has been helped with judicious use of natural progesterone cream.

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