Relief For Hot Flashes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Although they are a common source of amusement for men and women who are not menopausal, finding relief for hot flashes often becomes an urgent priority in menopausal women when they discover that they are no joke. Feeling constantly as if you're on fire, even in the dead of winter, can actually drive your blood pressure up and it can certainly be stressful. Chances are that there will be no one solution to hot flashes for any women. A series of protocols must be worked out.

Obvious solutions are wearing appropriate clothing. Thin and light layers are a good idea, even in winter, as clothes can be peeled off if the need arises. In addition, you might want to think about getting an air conditioning unit if you don't already own one. All the traditional aids for hot weather, such as taking a cool drink and splashing the face with cold water are also useful for help with hot flashes. If you find that certain foods set off a hot flash, try to avoid them.

Herbal Relief for Hot Flashes

However, more often than not it becomes necessary to seek some kind of supplement relief for hot flashes. Preparations containing natural progesterone and vitamin E can be very helpful. Vitamin E is good for keeping the blood vessels in working order and has the added benefit of keeping the heart healthy too.

There are many herbs that can give a lot of relief for hot flashes. Wild yam, black cohosh and dong quai are all excellent for hot flashes. Taken regularly over time a significant difference should be noted.

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