Stages Of Menopause

Written by Patricia Skinner
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When the first signs of menopause strike, most women become interested in knowing as much as they can about the stages of menopause. This way they know what to expect, and along the way they are likely to find a lot of information that will help them cope with menopause too. Overwhelmingly, the preference now is for natural solutions to menopausal problems.

The word menopause means the cessation of menstruation. Menopause is often referred to as the change of life, or just the change in the west. It signals an end of a woman's fertile years. To some women this is welcomed, others tend to mourn the loss of their fertility and dread the coming successive stages of menopause.

The Different Stages of Menopause

For most women the first stages of menopause bring with them hot flashes and sometimes depression. There is a long list of other symptoms that may, or may not be experienced. It all depends on the woman herself. The better a woman's health, in general, the easier menopause can be. For some women, it must be noted, menopause lasts just a few short years. For others it can stretch out to well over a decade. For those who don't take care of themselves this can spell disaster.

To be sure all the stages of menopause can be eased though, if steps are taken to improve health and provide the body with everything it needs to take it through this potentially difficult period. The first place to start in making improvements is the diet. Now, more than ever, a woman's body needs supreme nourishment. In addition, supplements can often be used to prevent or improve symptoms, in particular the famous hot flashes. If you are having difficult menopause symptoms you might want to consider natural HRT for the calming, balancing effect it can have.

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