Written by Patricia Skinner
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For women looking for a safe, effective natural supplement to help them through their menopause years, Trivita make a range of products that are at once progressive, yet call on the wisdom of the ancients. They aim to utilize all of the latest medical science with traditional knowledge to offer products that are effective, but carry non of the dangers now associated with artificial hormone supplements.

Trivita Informs

In addition, Trivita is committed to providing the necessary information so that customers can make their own informed choices, instead of relying on professionals. This constitutes a significant change in policy for such companies, meeting the demands caused by a general awareness of health issues. Women, in particular, are no longer content to leave the decisions to a professional.

This is only partly due to the fact that for years members of the medical profession were telling us that hormone replacement therapy was quite safe, and that it would protect our bones, protect our memories and protect us from cancer. Turns out that none of it was true, and in fact, we are more likely to suffer dementia or cancer if we take HRT. As a result, more and more women are seeking solutions for their menopause-related health problems from companies like Trivita.

Trivita has utilized all the resources at its disposal to arrive at an unprecedented understanding of hormone balance. This has allowed the company to formulate some products that are remarkable both in their effectiveness and level of safety. To women who value their health and the way they feel, Trivita is a company to investigate.

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