Air Conditioner Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Air conditioner filters have one major purpose and that purpose is to clean up the air from the pollutants that are harmful. Filters for home use have a MERV rating of one - 12 with 12 being the best to provide relief for allergy sufferers. Filters should be resistant to moisture to prevent the possibility of mold growing.

Smoke is a pollutant in the air that is easy to see and smell. Other offensive odors are easy to detect. What about all the bad stuff that you can neither see nor smell? It is impossible to see a dust mite with the naked eye. Yet, they are a major cause of distress for allergy sufferers. They love a dark environment such as a mattress or in carpet fibers where they can feast on dead skin.

Choices in Air Conditioner Filters

There are many designs of air conditioner filters to choose from when replacing an existing filter. There are replaceable filters for every size and type of furnace. Some of the filters are pleated and some are also electrostatic to add to the ability to capture the extremely tiny particles. Do not consider any filter that does not have a MERV rating (ASHRAE 52.2). This rating depicts the ability of the filter to remove elements based on micron size.

Regardless of the kind of filter you choose, you should get the highest MERV rating possible. In addition, you must check with the manufacturer of your cooling system to verify which of the replacement air conditioner filters will work with your system. Most disposable filters are available in one, two, and four inch thicknesses. There are companies that will customize a fit with the same excellent quality of filter.

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