Air Conditioner Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Air conditioner filters serve a dual purpose. First, the filter is designed to purify the air circulated through the air conditioner and furnace elements. This reduces the amount of dust, mold, bacteria, and other pollutants with access to the internal workings of the equipment. It is important to have a good filter to help the heating and cooling system operate efficiently.

Air conditioner filters are also designed to clean the air as it is circulated back into the home. This removes the particles of microorganisms from the air. The type of filter you choose can be minimal protection or it can cover extensively. The choices are disposable fiberglass, pleated filters, and permanent electrostatic filters. The permanent filters are simply removed, washed with a mild detergent, allowed to dry, and returned to the unit.

Buy the Best Air Conditioner Filters

If you choose a filter for your health, you will only consider air conditioner filters with a high MERV rating. A filter designed to control mold and mildew growth is essential to having fresh air to breathe. Replacing the air filter as recommended by the manufacturer will reduce energy costs, extend the life of the unit, reduce costly repairs, and provide continual clean air for free breathing.

Standard fiberglass and pleated air filters can be replaced with a permanent electrostatic air filter. These can eliminate air particles as small as one micron. These are too small to be seen. You should use a regular cleaning schedule even if the filter appears to be clean. The electrostatic filter should be completely dry before returning to the system. If you need to clean more frequently than once a month, you might consider purchasing two filters to remove the wait for the filter to dry.

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