Air Conditioning Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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The choices in air conditioning filters are in four basic categories. The least expensive as well as the least efficient is the disposable fiberglass filter. With a large mesh weave, only the larger particles are captured and removed from the circulating air. This is acceptable for anyone without allergies and in a low-pollutant environment.

The minimal requirements for air conditioning filters for people with allergies should be a permanent mesh-type filter. These are available in a variety of media. A filter can be chosen that is designed to capture specific particulates such as pollen or mold. For the serious allergy sufferer or asthmatic, it is important to choose a filter rated to capture the smallest size particulates.

More Types of Air Conditioning Filters

Another type of air conditioning filter is the electrostatic filter. This utilizes electrostatic energy to attract and trap airborne particulates. The particles remain attached like steel fragments to a magnet. They are removed during the cleaning process per the manufacturer's guidelines. It is important to keep the electrostatic filter cleaned so there is room to continue grabbing the particles.

An electronic air filter works much the same way as the electrostatic filter except it has to be connected to a power source. The electrostatic filter is permanently charged and it does not require an electrical attachment. Identify your target pollutants and then find the air conditioning filter rated to capture and retain the contaminants. If you purchase disposable filters, be careful to change them according to the guidelines. If you purchase permanent filters, you must clean them according to the manufacturer's recommendation to receive the most benefit and to enhance the life of your unit.

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