Air Filters For Allergies

Written by Norene Anderson
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Air filters for allergies will make breathing much easier for any allergy sufferer. With the millions of people living with some type of allergy, the market for clean air is a popular and growing market. The effects of allergies and asthma can be debilitating and poor air quality only adds to the problems.

The microscopic particles in the air we breathe can be from any of several toxic sources. Pollen, smoke, dust, and mold spores are common offenders. Other pollutants include the dust mite, bacteria, and viral elements. Particles are trapped as the air is forced through some type of filtering device. Air filters for allergies can be mechanical or they can be enhanced by an electrostatic charge to attract certain types of pollutants.

Try Air Filters for Allergies

If you know the pollutant that is the trigger of your allergy problems, it is easy to find the right filter to attack the problem. If you do not know what is causing breathing difficulties or allergy symptoms, see your physician for testing and diagnosis. Once the source is defined, you can select the air filter with the MERV rating you need to remove the specific source of your allergy.

The MERV rating defines the size of particle the filter will trap and remove from the air. Some particles are less than a micron while other particles may be several microns in size. Knowing what you need to filter is the first step in finding the best air filter for your home. When in doubt, always go with the filter with the highest MERV rating. It removes the smallest particles.

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