Air Filtration

Written by Norene Anderson
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Air filtration is a matter of great concern to the millions of people desiring improved health and better maintenance of interior spaces. The continual collection of dust, lint, and other air pollutants on furniture, wall decor, curtains, and blinds will shorten the length of beauty and usefulness of each. The more you have to clean a surface, the more potential there is for deterioration to occur.

An excellent air filtration system will greatly reduce the amount of dust and other particles in the air. This will help maintain the integrity of every investment you make in your home interior. It will also go far in reducing or preventing damage from mold. It even affects safety. Many people do not realize that a fire hazard exists when too many lint and dust particles reside in duct work.

Look for Air Filtration with MERV 12 Rating

Some facilities such as the operating room in the hospital must have all airborne bacteria removed to prevent postoperative complications from infection. Did you know there are air filtration systems that are very near the cleaning standard for hospitals available for home use? If you are looking for the best filter for your money and health, look for the MERV 12 rating. This guarantees the quality of air will be the purest possible for your home.

Clean air is vital to good health. It is also necessary to protect the computer systems that are in almost every home. A microchip can be short circuited by a particle as tiny as 0.1 micron in size. For the best in air quality for your home, check the MERV rating before you buy.

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