Carrier Air Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Carrier has been around since the early 1900s when the foundation for the air conditioning industry was started by Willis Carrier. The name is well known around the world as a dependable source of heating and air conditioning systems. The air filters are designed to enhance the whole-house system with a filtration capacity to provide clean air for all indoors.

Carrier air filters are made with the customer in mind. Ease of maintenance for the permanent filter is priority. If it is hard to clean, the consumer is less likely to follow the recommended protocol. It is vital to keep the elements of an electronic air filtration system clean. The efficiency of air cleaning and the efficiency of the unit will be adversely affected if the filter is not cleaned frequently.

Different Carrier Air Filters Available

Some filters are designed to capture particles as tiny as .01 microns. This will include dust mites, pollen, and other offending particulates. Other filters are rated MERV 10 and will capture 0.3 micron-size pollutants. This will include pollen, pet dander, dust, and plant spores. The warranty varies with the design from five years or more.

Many of the Carrier air filters will fit furnaces and air conditioners other than the Carrier brand. It is important to check the size and airflow restrictions before using it in another system. Look for the MERV rating before buying any filter. The higher the rating, the better the capture of particulates will be. The fuel efficiency of any heating and air conditioning system will be greatly affected by low resistance airflow. Keeping the filtering system clean is essential to efficient operation costs and breathing clean air.

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