Clean Air

Written by Norene Anderson
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Clean air is a concern for everyone from the Environmental Protection Agency to the homeowner. While the government is regulating and controlling many of the pollutants in the air, no one can control all the particles entering the air. The amount of pollen in the air is one thing no one can control unless you cut down every flowering bush, tree, and plant, and some non-flowering growth. This is simply not realistic.

While the outside air content can be minimally affected, the air inside the home can be changed from polluted to clean air. The many types of air filtering systems available offer options to capture any kind of pollutant from dust mites to smoking odors. Air filters are rated on a scale based on the micron size of the pollutant and the percentage of capture. These MERV ratings are indicative of the coverage you can expect from a filter. The higher rating indicates the wider the range of pollutants to be captured.

Enjoy Clean Air All Year

Clean air is vital for maintaining good health. Even people without any allergy or asthma symptoms should breathe clean, fresh air. Any time we inhale contaminated air, we subject our respiratory system to the influence of that contaminate. Our body depends on well-oxygenated blood to supply the needed nutrients to every cell. The intake of air free of pollutants will help maintain excellent health.

Always check the manufacturer's guidelines for the type and size of filter that is appropriate for your heating and cooling unit. If you are using freestanding air purifying units, look carefully for the types of pollutants they are rated to capture. Make sure they capture the pertinent offenders in your home.

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