Commercial Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Commercial filters are available in media without fiberglass or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The synthetic media on the market is top-quality filtering media offering low-pressure drop. All standard sizes are available and custom sizes can be made to order for commercial or industrial use.

The depth of commercial filters is different from the home requirements. Where many of the home filters are a minimum of one inch thick, the commercial filters are typically a minimum of two inches. Many are as deep as six inches or more. Pleated filters are more common for commercial use than flat. The added surface supplied by the pleats is vital to purifying large quantities of air volume.

Criteria for Commercial Filters

Many of the commercial filters are reinforced with a metal mesh for added strength and durability. Rigid frames are required in most commercial settings to provide the support needed for the heavy-duty filters. Preventing air from seeping around the edges is crucial for adequate air cleaning.

It is important to provide the cleanest air possible for inhaling. It is also important to provide clean air for the protection of the heating and air conditioning unit. High-performance filters are a wise investment for any commercial setting. Any occupation with chemicals or known toxins in the air should invest in a commercial filter with a high MERV rating and in one with carbon or charcoal to remove harmful or offensive odors from the air.

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