Custom Size Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Custom size filters can be made for every type of forced-air heating and cooling system. The brand is irrelevant when it comes to finding a filter for your system. Filters for home units are from one-inch thick to six-inches thick. Most filters are either one or two inches in depth. The difference in size from a standard filter is in the length or width.

A custom size filter is made from the same excellent media as pre-designed filters. The pleated, flat, electrostatic, or any combination of filter media can be cut to order. It is important to measure the filter correctly. You need to measure the outside measurements of the existing filter if possible. If that cannot be done, you should measure the exact space inside the filter container. If you measure the outside parameter, you may have difficulty sliding the filter into the frame.

Consider Custom Size Filters

A high-quality custom size filter will offer particulate capture of the same great MERV ratings any standard filter can obtain. The rating should be a minimum of a MERV 10 for households. A MERV 11 or MERV 12 is the very best. Consider including a charcoal or carbon layer in the filter for the capture of odors and gases in the home.

Removing pollutants from the indoor air is crucial for good respiratory health. The elimination of pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants is the purpose of placing a high-quality air filter in the whole-house heating and air conditioning system. You can easily compare prices for custom size filters online and find the best price for the best performance.

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