Disposable Air Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Disposable air filters are the best way to make sure the air you breathe is kept clean and free of contaminants. Once a filter has been filled with all sorts of pollutants, it is much healthier to toss it and put in a new one. This gives the assurance that the flow of air is not impeded by a damaged filter from the cleaning process. It also ensures that no contaminants are left in the filter. Many reusable filters lose the effectiveness to pull in and hold particulates after prolonged use.

With disposable air filters, every filter change gives a fresh start to clean air. There are some general guidelines for the frequency of changing filters based on the home environment. If there is more than one pet, particularly furry pets, filters may need to be changed monthly. This is also true if there are smokers in the household.

Disposable Air Filters Keep Homes Clean

If there are no pets or smokers and very little dust, it may be possible to go as long as three months before changing filters. It is recommended by most manufacturers to change filters at least every three months, even in the cleanest environment. Much of the pollutant matter is not seen by the naked eye.

There are many brands and types of disposable air filters. It is natural to think the most expensive is probably the best. That is not always true. The one thing that is critical to consider is the MERV rating assigned by ASHRAE. This indicates the size of particulates the filter is effective in capturing. Comparing similar MERV ratings will give a much better scale for price comparison.

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