Fiberglass Air Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Fiberglass air filters are disposable filters with limited ability to capture airborne particles. The larger particles such as dust and lint fall victim to the capture. The standard size is a one-inch panel. They are good for general use and some people find they are all that is needed to maintain the air quality in the home. These filters should be changed every month.

Fiberglass air filters are available in a superior grade guaranteeing a more intense capture of dust and other particles. It is important to read the information related to the amount of capture potential for the various sizes of particles. The intensity of the weave and the depth of the media will determine the effectiveness of holding the captured particles.

How to Use Fiberglass Air Filters

Fiberglass air filters are low airflow resistance filters. This improves the efficiency of the air conditioning and heating unit. If a filter does not allow the air to flow freely, it will place undue strain on the motor and shorten the life of the unit. The thickness of the filter plays an important role in the amount of airflow. Follow the guidelines of the manufacturer for the maximum allowable thickness for air filters.

One-inch fiberglass filters have an arrow indicating the direction to place the filter for proper airflow. One side is coated to capture the particles as they attempt to pass through the filter. Once the filter is full, it must be discarded and replaced in order to be effective. It will only put a drain on the motor if a dirty filter is overused. A build-up of dirt on the equipment can result in a major deficit in operating efficiency.

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