Furnace Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Furnace filters are crucial for cleaning the air that is circulating around in the home. There are fibers of all kinds floating around in the air that are inhaled with every breath. This includes dust, dust mites, pollen, carpet fiber dust, bacteria, and many other contaminates that are harmful to the body. The respiratory system has a full-time job purifying the inhaled air sufficiently to make it beneficial to the body.

Top-quality furnace filters are one way to assist the body in providing clean air. For individuals with no breathing difficulties, allergies, or asthma, it may seem a waste of money to invest in a good filter. More people are recognizing the importance of preventive health measures and breathing clean air is certainly a good place to start. For individuals or families with sensitivity to any of these pollutants, it is a different story.

Furnace Filters Work

The best way to keep the air clean continually is to use furnace filters that are electrostatic. The electrostatic component in many of the latest filters collects dust and holds it for removal while destroying harmful bacteria, mold, and odors. You need more than just a dust trap to purify the air.

Furnace filters can be customized to fit any filtration system. Many manufacturers make claims of air purifying qualities. To be sure you are truly getting a system that will cleanse the air, look for a MERV rating of 12. This is a standard just below hospital clean.

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