Lennox Air Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Lennox air filters are designed to work efficiently with all Lennox heating and cooling systems. A MERV 10-rated high efficiency pleated filter removes particulates as tiny as 0.3 microns. This includes dust, pollen, mold spores, and many other particles. Filters can also remove bioaerosols. The tight design reduces the possibility of air leaks around the filter.

Some Lennox filters are as thick as six inches. The common household filter is either a one-inch or a two-inch thick media. Cartridge design makes filters easy to slide out and replace. The media and MERV ratings define filters by Lennox that will filter fungi, dust, pollen, pet dander, odors, viruses, chemicals, and bacteria from the air as it is circulated through the heating and cooling system.

Choose from the Best Lennox Air Filters

Fiberglass filter media is available in a variety of widths on a roll for a cut-to-fit filter. This is an inexpensive way to have a supply of filter replacements on hand. The air-cleaning efficiency of any heating and cooling unit is based on the cleanliness of the filtering system. It must be changed according to the manufacturer's guidelines to provide the ultimate cleaning. Many recommend replacement a minimum of once monthly.

For the office or home, Lennox will offer an air filtering system to provide the cleanest air possible. Indoor air retains contaminants and circulates them repeatedly during the day if an adequate filtering system is not in place. Bacteria and viruses thrive in the air and on topical surfaces. Purifying the air, frequent hand washing, and thorough cleaning of all surfaces will reduce the possibility of disease carrying contagions being spread from one person to the next.

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