Odor Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Filtering systems to reduce the accumulation of odors require a special addition to the filter media. The typical fiberglass or cotton media is not designed to capture the odorous gases common in most households. Activated charcoal or carbon is the media of choice to retain the odors as the air is circulated through the filter.

A carbon air purifier can be a stand-alone unit for any room size or it can be a layer on a filter for a forced-air heating and cooling system. The most efficient air purifying combination includes a pre-filter to remove the larger particulates, a filter with a high MERV rating to capture the tiniest particulates, and an activated carbon layer for adsorption of odors. This provides coverage for all types of air pollutants.

A Variety of Odor Filters

Odor filters are great for homes with a busy kitchen. The stagnant smell of some food odors can be repulsive to guests. It is one thing for the aroma of taco stew or lasagna to welcome hungry stomachs to a hot meal. It is quite another for the odor to still be in the air hours later. The freshness of cleaned air is always a welcoming environment.

Odor filters remove obnoxious odors, but they also do much more. They remove odors that are harmful that cannot be detected by smell. The ability to capture gaseous molecules includes radioactive iodides, acid gases, mercury, and other similar gases. Odor filters are used in homes, businesses, medical facilities, military facilities, and many other locations.

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