Written by Norene Anderson
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Allergic reactions to pollen and other irritants are the driving force behind striving for clean air indoors. The outdoor pollution of environmental gases, pollen, dust, and other infiltrates is dispersed as breezes continually move the air. It is different indoors where the air is contained and circulated repeatedly. Without adequate filtration, the air will increasingly become polluted with dust, lint, pet dander, pollen, household gases, and other contaminants.

Vapors from household cleaning supplies can build up and become irritating to the lungs. An air filter such as Pollenex can remove irritating toxins and pollutants from the air as it circulates through the air purifying system. A room-size air purifier does an excellent job in cleaning out everything down to a 0.1 micron-sized particulate. Before buying any air purifier, look for the efficiency of capture for the various particle sizes.

Pollenex Filters for Clean Air

Pollenex offers a carbon filter for capturing household vapors and gases. This is vital for individuals with sensitivity to smoke, ammonia, and mold. The air should smell clean and fresh. Many filters are treated to provide relief from odors common to busy households. Often, the carbon filter acts as a pre-filter in combination with a high-efficiency HEPA or electrostatic filter.

The type of filter and filtering system is best determined by the contaminants to be captured. Some areas require concentration on pollen. Other areas may need a filter designed to capture dust and dust mite particulates. Regardless of the need, there is a filter for the job. With customized size options, the variety of filters available will fit any air-circulating unit.

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