Pure Air

Written by Norene Anderson
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Pure air is a possibility if the right air filtration system is used. The type of system will depend on a couple of things. If the home is heated and cooled by a whole house unit, the air filtering system will be located in the unit and the same quality of air will be circulated throughout the home. If there is not a whole house unit, the need of each room should be analyzed to determine the right room-size unit.

Several factors play a part in determining the best way to enjoy pure air. A pre-filter is used on many units to remove all particles larger than five microns. This extends the life of the filtration system whether it is electrostatic, synthetic material, or a combination. Some filters contain carbon treated material to remove odors such as pet odors, cooking odors, and cigarette smell.

More Pure Air Methods

HEPA filters are top rated for removing microscopic particles as tiny as .3 microns. When you consider the size of the human hair is 80 microns and a bacterium is 1 micron, removing particulates that are 0.3 microns is remarkable. Not only is the capture rate important, the clean air delivery rate must be at an acceptable level. The number of times the air is cleaned per hour should be between three and six, depending on the size of the room.

Rooms such as the bedroom should be kept free of allergens. This is where the majority of people spend at least one-third of their day. While sleeping, the body is restoring and rejuvenating. It is important to supply pure air for the respiratory system to efficiently process oxygen for the circulatory system.

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