Space Gard

Written by Norene Anderson
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Space Gard is now available under the Aprilaire brand name. The Space Gard product has always been manufactured by Aprilaire, but it has retained the identity of Space Gard until recently. The product is the same as it has been. It is simply being marketed under the company name. The media used is blanket glass micro fibers.

The type of filtration in HEPA filters is the same used in Space Gard (Aprilaire) filters, except the airflow has lower resistance. This increases the effectiveness of cleaning the air in the entire home. Some of the media will last a full year before requiring change. Other models promote up to two years before changing the media. A five-ton system operating in an environment with heavy concentration of particles may require change more frequently.

Space Gard Filters for Clean Air

When changing the filters, make sure to notice the direction of the arrows. There is a specific direction to insert the filter for it to work properly. The airflow must enter the side designated for the ultimate benefit in capturing the particulates. It also affects the way the filter fits into the frame. A MERV 10 rating is acceptable for this type of filtering media.

If a newly installed air cleaner seems to be creating more dust than before installation, there are a couple of things to consider. The new system may be moving the air better, picking up dust particles resident on furniture, and circulating it into the air. Another possibility is the inability of the furnace blower to move the air adequately. Sometimes, running the air continuously will eliminate the problem.

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