Space Gard Air Cleaners

Written by Norene Anderson
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Space Gard (Aprilaire) air cleaners are available in a MERV 11 rating. The filters are made in five inches with spacers or six inches without spacers. The high efficiency air cleaner will provide clean air for up to a year before replacement is needed. If there are smokers in the environment, the filters will need to be changed more often.

With the number of reported allergy sufferers and people with respiratory difficulties such as asthma and COPD, it is not surprising that the air filtering business is bringing in millions of dollars. Clean air is one of the necessities of life. The more pollutants that are removed, the better the air will be for good respiratory health. When you consider that a dust mite can live up to four months off the flakes of skin from humans and pets, it makes having clean air a high priority.

More Information on Space Gard Air Cleaners

Aerosol sprays and household cleaning products put gases or odors into the air. Other fumes are accumulated when gas furnaces, stoves, and water heaters are used. It takes a special kind of filter to capture the gases and remove the odors. It is important to read the label carefully on your air cleaner to see if it meets the standard for clearing the air of these toxins.

Pet dander is another particulate that is high on the list of targets for Space Gard air cleaners. Many people are allergic to pet dander. The dander is the tiny flakes of dead skin. Many people think it is the hair causing the allergic reaction. It is more likely the dander attached to the hair. There are steps that can be taken to help most animal lovers keep their pet. One important step is to keep the dander from settling into the carpet and on sofas and bedding by continually cleaning the circulating air in the room.

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