Trion Air Bear

Written by Norene Anderson
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A popular Trion Air Bear filter is one made of 100 percent synthetic material. This replacement filter is designed with low-pressure drop in mind. It does not interfere with the heating and cooling unit. The low resistance, high performance, and high dirt capturing capacity provide clean air for a healthier environment.

A wise choice for environments susceptible to obnoxious odors and harmful gases is the Trion Air Bear filter with the option to have activated charcoal added to the filter media. This is not a magic cover up of odors. The filter actually traps and holds these odors and gases until the filter is replaced or the surface is too full. This includes odors such as tobacco, ammonia, pets, bathroom, and many others.

Qualities of Trion Air Bear

Trion Air Bear replacement filters are available in MERV 8 and MERV 11 ratings. These quality filters are designed to capture tiny particulates and to enhance free breathing. Everyone deserves the opportunity to breathe fresh, clean air. The majority of our time is spent indoors and to get the best quality of air, some type of filtering system is needed. Removal of offenders such as bacteria, mold, pollen, and many other particulates is easy with the best air filtering systems.

Pleated surfaces offer maximum capacity for holding dust. The electrostatically-charged media pulls in the dust particles. This keeps the unit cleaner and running efficiently to reduce utility costs. The installation is easy and a warranty backed by Trion is provided. Before ordering any replacement filter, make sure you are ordering the correct thickness. Trion offers filters in a variety of depths.

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