Trion Air Bear

Written by Norene Anderson
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Trion Air Bear has replacement media offering high capacity retention of particulates. It is designed to work efficiently with heating and air conditioning systems. It is a synthetic media for capturing airborne particulates to provide healthy, clean air for your home. These filters are designed to provide excellent filtration while allowing adequate airflow capacity.

For the millions of allergy sufferers, finding the right air filtration system is paramount to getting a good night's sleep. Pollutants and particulate matter can swirl around in the air just waiting for you to take a deep breath. For some people, a deep breath is impossible. Lung disease and breathing difficulties are all too common. Providing pure air is one of the simplest things that can be done to help.

Clean the Air with Trion Air Bear Filters

Air filtration systems like Trion Air Bear are not a cure all for the allergy sufferer. It is only a means of eliminating many of the irritants that cause more distress than necessary. Any type of breathing difficulty should be assessed by your healthcare provider. Many times the physician will do tests to determine the specific allergens affecting the respiratory health.

When the irritant or irritants are defined, look for the Trion Air Bear filter with the proper MERV rating to capture the particle size of the offenders. A high rating will offer a wide span of coverage for various particle sizes. A rating that captures from 0.3 microns and up will target most allergens including dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and a host of others.

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