Trion Air Bear Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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To make sure you are getting genuine Trion Air Bear filters, look for "Genuine OEM" (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement filter on the label. Many companies produce generic filters that fit most of the forced-air heating and cooling systems. The MERV rating varies with the different types of filters. In some cases, the warranty on the unit is voided if anything other than a genuine OEM filter is used.

The filter must fit the air resistance limits set by the manufacturer. If there is too much stress put on the motor from a filter that is too dense or any other reason, it can cause damage. It can also decrease the efficiency of the unit and the ability of the unit to purify the air. Continual circulation is needed to keep the air quality at a stable level. If the air is not circulated several times an hour, the level of pollutants can remain elevated.

More about Trion Air Bear Filters

In some instances, it is beneficial to have a room-size air purifier in addition to the whole-house unit. This gives added clearance to a room, such as the bedroom, where the most amount of time is spent. The deep breathing or mouth breathing during sleep will pull more contaminants into the lungs than an active daily routine where the environment is continually changing.

Look for Trion Air Bear filters with the highest MERV rating possible and look for the CADR (clean air delivery rate). These are both important for finding the most efficient filter for your home. See if it is designed to target the pollutants in your indoor space. The capture potential should be clearly defined on the label or in the description of the product.

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