Trion Air Bear Furnace Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Trion Air Bear furnace filters are designed with the technique to allow freer airflow than most filters for furnaces. It provides the media to capture particulates down to the tiniest micron. Life demands an existence in a world of environmentally polluted situations. It is not always possible to control the surrounding environment. It is possible, though, to control the home environment.

The quality of the air at home is in the hands of the homeowner and occupants. The best air filtering system can be placed in any home and it will provide air conducive to good respiratory and general health. Any time the number of pollutants taken into the body can be reduced, it is a step toward better health. Many illnesses are related to environmental pollution. Allergic reactions to chemicals, gases, or other toxins are seen in the work environment and in homes without adequate air purification.

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Damage to lungs can occur rapidly when poisonous gases are inhaled. It is important to provide the cleanest air possible for the home environment. If there are smokers in the home, it is crucial to purify the air for the general health of all inhabitants. If anyone in the home is susceptible to allergic reactions to various pollutants such as pollen, hairspray, dust, or any others, an air purifier is essential.

A home with small children or an elderly person especially needs the protection of a highly rated MERV air purifier to remove bacterial and viral particulates. Filtration materials are specifically rated to remove these tiny particles and offer an opportunity for better health to all occupants. To keep the air clean, keep it circulating.

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