Whole House Air Filters

Written by Norene Anderson
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Whole house air filters are the answer to an allergy sufferer's nightmare. The pollutants in the air make life miserable for anyone susceptible to an allergic reaction from lint, pet dander, pollen, dust, dust mites, and myriads of other pollutants. Room air purifiers do a great job of cleaning the air in the confined space of the four walls. To remove the contaminants from the home with room purifiers, you need one in every room to match the square footage of the room.

A whole house forced-air unit for heating and cooling is the best way to get the pollutants out of the home. The power of the air blowing into a room and the suction of the return vent will circulate every bit of the air in every room in the house. This pulls every cubic foot of air through the air filtering system on the whole-house unit.

Whole House Air Filters Reduce Allergic Responses

It is important to have a high MERV-rated filter on the heating and cooling system. The higher the rating, the more you can expect the filter to capture. The most efficient filtering system is a combination of a pre-filter to catch the heavier dirt particles, a middle filter that is often pleated for added surface area, and an end filter of carbon or activated charcoal to adsorb odors and gases from the air.

The whole house air filter is not a cure-all for allergies, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. Many people testify of a reduction in allergic symptoms after switching to the best air filtration system. Finding the right combination for your environment is as simple as answering a few questions online at a reputable supplier of air filters.

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