Automatic Espresso Makers

Written by Julie Atkin
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Although manual espresso makers have been popular in households, automatics have found a place in many homes. While manual machines are less expensive, it is easier to make a bad cup of espresso when using one. This is because the user controls the pressure that forces the water through the coffee to produce the shot of espresso. If that pull is not perfect, neither will be the espresso.

Features of an Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic espresso machines provide an electric pump that provides that pressure, instead of the owner. The consistent pressure provides a consistent cup of espresso. Automatic machines make the art of making espresso so much easier for the novice.

There are two types of automatic machines: semi automatic and fully automatic. The difference is that the fully automatic will measure the water and deliver it through the coffee with one touch of the button. The semi automatic requires the user to turn the machine on and off by pulling the electric pump. The user can control the extraction process, which in turn controls the amount of water and duration of brewing.

Espresso connoisseurs sometimes prefer the semi automatic in that it enables the user some variety and control in brewing. Automatics are quick and efficient, and easy to clean. In addition, they can make a variety of drinks, including, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas.

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