Braun Electric Razors

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Electric razors are a popular choice for those who want a close, clean shave without the threat of nicks and cuts. Because they can be used "dry," electric razors are handy for on-the-go touchups before important events, like a job interview or a big date. Braun makes a wide variety of electric razors that offer a superior shave.

Their new Activator line is the latest in Braun's high-end razors. What makes it different? First, the Activator models have a unique foil with variable shaped holes. This means the foil can lift and cut hairs of different thickness with just one pass. the Activator's four-way moving head pivots to get just the right angle and vibrates, making it easier than ever to shave the neck and jaw line. But maybe the best feature is the Clean & Charge system. When you're done shaving, plug the razor back into its cradle and push a button. The razor then charges while cleaning and drying itself automatically--no fuss, no muss, no residue.

The Braun Syncro System razors also have the Clean & Charge feature. The four-way moving head and three-step shaving system ensures a close, smooth shave. Fully charged, the Syncro System razors will operate for approximately 50 minutes before needing a recharge--that's two to three weeks of shaving. But don't worry if you lose track, because the Syncro and Activator razors have LCD panels that tell you when battery power is low.

Smooth Shaving Ahead

Braun has many more popular razors. The FreeGlider automatically dispenses shaving conditioner, for a smooth shave and soft skin. Their Flex XP II, TriControl, and Interface Excel models are also excellent buys for the money, and offer extras like long hair trimmers for mustache and hairline and cord/cordless operation. Check out Braun electric razors for a superior shave anytime, anywhere.

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