Braun Syncro Shavers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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For a close shave without irritation, using an electric razor that shaves with as few strokes as possible is highly desirable. Fewer strokes means less pulling and friction on the skin, which can help one escape the dreaded "razor burn" effect. Braun's Synchro line of electric shavers use advanced technology to make their razors more efficient than ordinary electric razors.

Braun's Synchro shavers feature their unique, four-way moving head. Moving up, down, and side-to-side, the Synchro automatically follows the curves and angles of the face. The head also vibrates to get as close to the skin--and capture as many hairs--as possible. Using a special foil with holes that enlarge by 60 percent, Braun Synchro shavers easily catch hairs of all thicknesses and lengths.

What sets the Synchro shavers apart is their three-stage cutting system. The first foil shears off short hairs and stubble, then the integrated cutter lifts and trims long, curled, or close-lying hairs. The second foil catches and shaves any remaining hair right down to the skin. It's a perfect shave in just one stroke.

A Smarter Shave for Smoother Skin

Braun's Synchro shavers use the Smart Logic System to ensure peak performance with every shave. A computer chip continually monitors the battery's power level, recharging and servicing when necessary. And like the Activator models, Synchro shavers provide a clean, hygienic shave each time with their automatic Clean & Charge function. Heck, with the time you save using the Braun Synchro shaver, maybe you'll finally have time to floss!

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