Commercial Espresso Machines

Written by Julie Atkin
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Professional, commercial espresso machines are state of the art. Because the quality of a cup of espresso directly relates to the brewing, the machine used is critical. With the recent boom of popularity of espresso and cappuccino, there is a high demand for professional espresso makers. Coffee houses and restaurants need to be able to make a consistent great cup of espresso.

Features of a Professional Espresso Machine

Because espresso making is an art form, and the result is often unpredictable, the commercial machines have eliminated as much as of the unpredictable nature of espresso making as possible. The machines are entirely automatic which ensures consistency in each cup. In addition, the machine is relatively durable with high usage. High Volume brewing demands a machine that provides quality with quantity.

Adjustable brewing head, stainless steel features, and dual steam wands are features to seek in a professional machine. The volume is higher so the consistency of the heating group is important. A heated brew group will ensure every cup is hot.

Clean up is also a factor since the machine is used on a regular basis. Stainless steel is easy and efficient to clean. In addition, there are several features that speed up the warming up and brewing process. Professional machines are able to perfect the shot each and every time.

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