Cuisinart Appliances

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Cuisinart. The name is synonymous with food processors, those wondrous machines that chop, grind, and knead dough with ease. But although Cuisinart is the first name in food processors, they manufacture superior kitchen appliances of all shapes and sizes.

For example, Cuisinart can handle all your caffeine needs, from coffee makers to grinders--in fact, their Grind & Brew coffee makers do it all with one machine. And what goes better with coffee than some nice hot toast? The Cuisinart Cast Metal 2-Slice Toaster has dual-control panels and bagel and reheat settings. When it comes down to it, Cuisinart makes nearly every kind of kitchen appliance you can think of--from electric griddles and woks to slow cookers, waffle irons, blenders, toaster ovens, rice cookers, ice cream makers, and much more. And each appliance lives up to the Cuisinart standard of quality.

But back to those food processors. Cuisinart is still the champion, with 14-, 11- and 7-cup models to choose from. Their heavy duty direct drive motors, metal blades, and sturdy work bowls make your life easier in the kitchen. Attach one of the many available slicer or shredder disks, and see tasks like grating a bunch of carrots completed in seconds, not hours.

Cuisinart--the Name You Trust

The name Cuisinart is equated with food processors because they are the best, most popular machines around. Imagine what that quality could mean for the rest of your kitchen needs. Cuisinart offers a whole world of appliances that offer that same durability and high performance.

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