Delonghi Coffee Makers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Mmm . . . coffee. That magical elixir that helps you greet the morning with a smile! For a great cup of coffee, you need a good coffee maker. Whether you prefer a drip, percolator, or multi-function model, Delonghi has many options to choose from.

The Delonghi Cafe II Dual Drip coffee maker is great if you have several coffee drinkers in the house. It has not one, but two stainless steel double-wall thermal carafes, for up to 80 oz. of fresh hot coffee. The 10-Cup Stainless Steel Thermal drip coffee maker also features a double-wall thermal carafe (50-oz. capacity). The thermal carafes keep coffee hot for hours, so you don't get that "burnt" flavor from keeping the coffee maker element on.

But for some people, the morning isn't complete without the sound of coffee percolating on the counter. That's why Delonghi offers their Retro 12-Cup Cordless Percolator. This stainless steel coffee maker combines 1950's style and 21st century technology, with its retro design and modern convenience. You can adjust the thermostat to brew coffee just to your liking--the right strength and temperature for you. This blast from the past also comes in a 6-cup model.

How Do You Like Your Coffee (or Espresso or Cappuccino)?

Of course, the hot "new" trend in coffee making today is espresso and specialty coffeehouse drinks. But who has room for several machines? Delonghi has the answer to this problem with their Three-In-One Espresso/Cappuccino/Coffee Maker. This machine brews coffee, cappuccino, espresso, lattes, hot chocolate--it can do it all.

Most Delonghi models feature programmable timed brewing--so you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning. And forget about messy paper filters. Delonghi coffee makers have permanent platinum or nylon filters built-in. When it comes to convenience, quality, and variety, Delonghi most likely makes the coffee maker for you.

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