Delonghi Deep Fryers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Even in today's health-conscious culture, deep-fried food is extremely popular. French fries are available at almost any restaurant, doughnuts are long-time favorites, and tempura is the new gourmet craze. But deep-frying at home has its difficulties. Many of us have a "fear of frying" thanks to smoky oil, smelly odors, or difficult cleanup. Delonghi has addressed these fears with their line of professional deep-fryers, which make it easy for you to make your favorite fried foods in your own kitchen.

The Delonghi Cool-Touch Roto Deep Fryer is a fully-enclosed fryer (no splattering oil), which takes a lot of the work out of frying. It can hold up to a pound-and-a-half of food in its patented rotating basket. This special basket cycles food in and out of the oil--so it stays crispy and light rather than heavy and greasy. And its Easy Clean system makes it a snap to drain, filter, and store used oil--so you can buy less oil and more egg rolls for your next party. In accordance with its name, the Cool-Touch fryers are cool to the touch no matter how hot the oil gets, and also have a nonstick interior.

Delonghi's Dual Zone deep fryers have the advantage of a "cool" zone near the heating element. This prevents food from burning, which means the oil stays clean (no smoky odors). It can handle an amazing three pounds of food at once--great for large gatherings.

Overcome Your "Fear of Frying"

All Delonghi deep fryer models come equipped with interior filters that keep frying odors out of the kitchen. They also have adjustable thermostats and easy-to-use timers for ultimate frying control. Never fear--Delonghi fryers are here!

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