Espresso Equipment

Written by Julie Atkin
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In addition to your machine, there are several pieces of equipment that will help you master that perfect cup of espresso. Using the equipment properly will aid you in brewing, and help you become efficient in your brewing. The equipment can range in price, and can be purchased through coffee retailers or online.

Necessary Espresso Equipment

If you are using a manual machine, you will need a good fitting tamper. You tamp to achieve a uniform extraction during the brewing process. Tamping takes practice, and it is a part of the process of making a consistent robust cup. Tampers come in different shapes, and it is a choice based on preference. For example, some purists prefer a concave shape.

You also need espresso cups. There are several styles of the demitasse available depending on your taste. Most retail stores carry different lines of cups and spoons to go along with the set.

You might also need a grinder if you are not using an automatic or super automatic machine. The proper grind for espresso should be gritty and fine. You can purchase higher quality grinders anywhere where good quality espresso machines are sold. You can also buy high quality coffee already ground for espresso. A good brand to try is LaVazza.

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