Mr. Coffee Replacements

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Mr. Coffee is one of the most trusted brand names in coffee makers. They make high-quality products that last for years. But let's face it, coffee is usually made in the morning, when we are not at our most lucid (it is pre-coffee, after all). Things get dropped, like the carafe. Or who hasn't moved and found an appliance part is somehow missing? Mr. Coffee coffee makers last so long, it's great to find one secondhand at a garage sale or thrift store. Until you get it home and realize the filter is missing.

So how can the case of the missing Mr. Coffee part be solved? Is it time to chuck the machine and buy a new one? That's not only expensive, it's wasteful. Mr. Coffee replacement parts are widely available, and with careful detective work, your coffee maker can be up and running for many years of useful service.

There are several good tips to tracking down Mr. Coffee replacement parts. You can find them on the Internet, or through a reputable small appliance store. First, make sure you are buying original and genuine Mr. Coffee parts. Knock-offs may be cheaper, but they will not be compatible with your machine. Also, you need to know the exact make and model number of your coffee maker--parts vary from model to model. If you have an older machine, the part you need may not be made anymore. There may be an equivalent part available--check with your dealer.

Crack the Case of the Missing Mr. Coffee Carafe

So if you've smashed your Mr. Coffee carafe to smithereens or misplaced the brew basket, help is out there. You don't have to throw money away by purchasing a new coffee maker. Search out genuine Mr. Coffee replacement parts, and your coffee maker--and your wallet--will thank you.

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