Panasonic Shavers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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When it comes to shaving, both men and women want the three c's: a razor that will provide a close, clean, comfortable shave. Nothing is worse than finding stubble or razor burn mere hours after shaving. And many people don't want to run the risk of nicks and cuts from a traditional blade. That's why electric razors have become more and more popular over the years. Panasonic is one company that makes several electric shavers for both men and women.

But can an electric shaver give as close a shave as a conventional razor? Panasonic offers several models for men and women that feature an adjustable Pivot Action Head. While shaving, the head pivots up, down, and side to side, ensuring that the blades hug every curve of the face, underarms, or legs. Other models, like the Pro-Curve Triple Blade Cord/Cordless Shaver, feature a floating blade system: the blades adjust automatically to reach every angle.

One advantage of all Panasonic's shavers is that they are fully immersible in water. So not only can they be used in the shower--where steam helps soften hair for a clean shave--but they can be washed quickly and efficiently. Some models offer a Turbo Cleaning Mode, where the motor achieves 17,000 RPM, practically flinging stubble and residue from its blades.

A Fast Shave for a Sharp Look

Panasonic stands behind their claim that they make the fastest shavers with the sharpest blades. This means less irritation. Their powerful motors cut even coarse hair quickly and smoothly, with less pulling. Models like the Pro-Curve Men's Shaver with Pivot Shaving System feature a 13,000 RPM motor that is linear in function for a frictionless shave--no razor burn. And while other shavers have inner blades at only a 45- to 90-degree angle, this model's inner blade is at 30 degrees, the sharpest angle available.

Panasonic offers too many options to list here. They have travel razors, razors with "quick charge" capabilities, even cord/cordless models that you can plug in and use if you don't have time to charge. All in all, Panasonic has models for all kind of needs in various price ranges--they are a great option for a smooth shave.

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