Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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There are times when a standard 10-cup coffee maker works just fine. Breakfast with the family? There's plenty for everyone. Breakfast with 100 people at your family reunion? You'd have to make ten batches of coffee. And that's not counting seconds. There are times when a regular coffee pot just won't cut it. Regalware has an entire line of commercial coffee urns and water boilers that can make enough hot beverages for a crowd.

Regalware coffee urns and water boilers were created for commercial and home use. They're well-designed, easy to use, and last and last. This makes them perfect for offices, churches, restaurants, catering events, the teachers' lounge at school--anywhere you need to satisfy a crowd. The 90- and 45-cup Stainless Steel Water Boilers are especially versatile. They heat the desired amount of water quickly and efficiently for use with tea, hot chocolate, or dehydrated soups.

For coffee urns that are attractive as well as durable, look to the Regalware Stainless Steel Coffee Urns. Made completely out of 304 18/10 stainless steel, they won't break or crack. They brew perfect coffee to the desired temperature fast--less than a minute per cup. Available in 55-cup and an enormous 110-cup sizes. Regalware's Black Satin 55-cup and 101-cup coffee urns are great for heavy-duty service. Their sturdy metal bases stand up to repeated use. And with a nonstick exterior and interior, they're a snap to clean. Regalware also has a line of superior aluminum coffee urns.

Large Amounts of Coffee with Little Work

Sure, you could keep refilling your 10-cup coffee maker for your next large event. But frankly, with a big party or at work, there are more important things to do. With Regalware coffee urns and water boilers, set them once and the work is done.

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