Rowenta Bathroom Scales

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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It's a relatively small appliance that looms large--the bathroom scale. Love it or fear it, most people make it part of their daily routine to weigh in each morning and keep track of their weight. It's good for the health but usually hard on the eyes, with dials that are hard to read or design that is "functional," to put it charitably. Rowenta has produced a line of bathroom scales that are stylish and functional. They're nice to look at--even if you don't like what you see once you step on one.

Rowenta bathroom scales are crafted with precision technology to yield scientifically accurate results. They're also made to withstand the unique environment of the bathroom, resisting moisture and humidity. And like all Rowenta products, they're tough--no matter how many times you may throw them out the window.

The Rowenta Beach Wooden Origin scale has a wide beechwood platform for stability. With its graceful curved shape, it looks like a mini-surfboard. For a different look, there is the Rowenta Silver Art scale. Its ultra-thin silicate platform is coated with an easy-clean finish--perfect for the modern bathroom. The Rowenta Fully Electronic scale's blue-and-silver platform is extra wide. Because it has no moving parts, it avoids wear and tear.

The Weigh-in on Rowenta Bathroom Scales

All Rowenta scales feature large high-contrast LCD displays that are easy to read, and measure up to 350 pounds in half-pound increments. Just step on the scale and the Auto-On function turns it on instantly. And they're so accurate, you just might see the difference if you take off your shoes.

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