Rowenta Steamers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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No matter how much money you spent on your clothes or your curtains, if they're wrinkled, they look ready for the thrift store. Professional dry cleaners use powerful steam heat to banish wrinkles and make fabrics look their best. Now you can bring professional results home with the Rowenta line of steamers.

The common method of hanging a shirt in the bathroom to steam while taking a hot shower doesn't actually work very well, especially if said shirt is heavily crumpled. And press ironing can damage certain fabrics. The Rowenta Expert Steam Generator is a 1800-watt professional-grade steamer that is safe for all kinds of fabrics--from silk to burlap--and is easy to use. The Laser Sole Plate has a nonstick coating that lets it glide over fabrics, saturating the material with a precise level of steam.

Steamers are great to use on things that are notoriously difficult to iron, like ruffled bed skirts or curtains. With the Rowenta Steam 'N Press Steambrush, you can steam your curtains right on the hanger with its powerful vertical steam. Or you can steam garments while they hang in your closet to freshen them between wearings. For maximum power, there is the Rowenta Commercial Garment Steamer. Just like the professionals use, this steamer has a 128-oz. water tank that provides hours of industrial-strength steam.

Steam Wrinkles Away

Steamers are a fantastic way to make all your fabrics look terrific without damaging them. You can even use them on upholstered furniture, something you'd never be able to iron. Best of all, with Rowenta, you can get these great results in less that half the time of traditional ironing.

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