Saeco Digital Espresso Machines

Written by Julie Atkin
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Saeco digital espresso machines are as good as it gets. The machine will actually tell you what is happening within the machine. It tells you when to add beans and water. It will also tell you when something needs to be adjusted with the brew group.

Features of the Saeco Digital Espresso Machine

The digital machines are completely automatic, and provide fast, efficient and delicious results. They retail at $750, and can be purchased online as well. As with many automatic and super automatic machines from Saeco, the digital espresso machine has a rapid steam feature. This eliminates the wait between brewing and frothing.

It is fully programmable, and there is a device to control the amount of coffee used. You can also control the temperature of the brewed coffee. The machine allows you to pregrind. It will automatically grind and extract the coffee according to your taste.

With the digital machines, you do not need to be a trained barista. You simply need to push a button. What makes these machines unique, however, is that you can still control how the coffee is brewed. This is an attractive option for the hobbyist. You simply use the machine to do this, instead of a manual. The only thing this machine does not do, is sit down and drink the espresso with you.

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