Saeco Royal Professional

Written by Julie Atkin
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If you are seeking a quality espresso machine that is reliable, as well as predictable in its delivery, the Royal Professional by Saeco is worth a look. The Royal Professional is a high-end espresso machine estimated at $1600. The features are state of the art, and the machine is designed for high quality use. The results are consistent and reliable.

Features of the Saeco Royal Professional

The machine features bean-to-espresso in the push of one button. Some specific features include a rapid steam feature, which eliminates the waiting period between brewing and frothing. It is recommended that any machine warm up for at least one half hour before brewing, however. It also has the patented Saeco brew group, which is removable for easy cleaning.

There is also an automatic cup warmer, as well as a programming control. There are settings for extraction control, which enables the user to individualize taste, yet have consistent results. Most of the parts are removable which allows for easy clean up.

Although the machine is designed for high quality use, it is used for a lower volume setting. A higher volume machine would be more suitable for a busy restaurant or coffee house. Although it retails at approximately $1600, it can purchased online for usually $100 less.

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