Salter Kitchen Scales

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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There's a lot to be said for the school of cooking that adds "a pinch" or this or "a splash" of that. But for many recipes, the careful measuring of ingredients is a big plus--especially when baking. Also, many international cookbooks use ounces and kilos, rather than tablespoons and cups, as their system of measurement. Salter kitchen scales are a useful tool to have on hand to weigh everything from cornmeal to apples quickly and precisely.

The "dip and sweep" method of measuring flour is a good starting point, but a firmly packed cup is going to weigh more than flour that's just been sifted. For recipes where accuracy is key, like sponge cake or pasta dough, weighing your flour can mean the difference between pasta dough that sticks to your machine or passes through cleanly.

One of Salter's many kitchen scales is the Stainless Steel Electronic Kitchen Scale. It weighs food in one-eighth-pound increments up to the first five pounds measured, and can weigh up to eleven pounds of food at a time. Its LCD display is easily readable, and it measures in both pounds and kilos. Salter has kitchen scales in all shapes and sizes, with some flat like a bathroom scale, and some with a built-in bowl.

Weigh Away with Salter Kitchen Scales

Recipes are more successful when you follow the instructions. With Salter kitchen scales, you don't have to estimate what ten ounces of spinach looks like. You can increase your cooking confidence with the correct measurements made possible by weighing your ingredients.

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