Tilia Foodsavers

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Everyone has looked inside their fridge or freezer to make dinner and found limp vegetables, frozen meat covered in freezer burn, or moldy cheese. Many of us go to warehouse stores and buy in bulk to save money--only to find that our food goes bad before we get a chance to eat it. The culprit? Oxygen. Tilia FoodSavers work against this foe by vacuum-sealing food airtight against spoiling, keeping food fresh up to five times longer.

Each FoodSaver comes with specially designed bags in quart and gallon sizes, as well as an 11-inch by 10-foot FoodSaver roll that can be cut to fit any amount of food. Place your food in the bag and attach to the FoodSaver, and watch as it automatically vacuums out all the air and seals the bag shut with its heavy-duty Teflon Sealing Strip. The five-ply FoodSaver bags are designed with special channels that allow all air to be removed--protecting food from oxygen and moisture.

Once your food is sealed, you can store it in the refrigerator or freezer, and throw the bags in the microwave or even boil them when you're ready to eat. Freezer burn and disgusting mold are history. You can use the Tilia FoodSaver on any type of food you'd like to keep fresh--from crackers to candy. Tilia even includes a 1.5 quart canister, a universal lid, and a bottle stopper for maximum storage options.

Save Money--Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

With the Tilia FoodSaver, you can buy in bulk with confidence. Chicken breasts on sale? Buy extra. Your food will last longer and taste fresher, and you will save money and time.

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