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Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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It seems like only yesterday that American cuisine was defined by the "convenience" foods and Jell-O salads of the 1950s. But in the past half-century, Americans have become more and more interested in gourmet cooking--there are now entire cable TV channels dedicated to teaching the home cook how to achieve professional results. Now Waring--a trusted name in commercial kitchens--has created a line of professional-caliber appliances for the home.

Almost everyone--if they're honest--admits to loving fried foods, whether it's french fries or shrimp tempura. Waring's Pro Deep Fryer makes frying your favorite foods safe, with a 540-degree auto-shutoff and a sturdy stainless steel housing. With its tilt and drain feature, it's also easy to clean.

After eating all that fried food, maybe it's time for something healthy, like a smoothie. Waring has a wide range of powerful blenders for every purpose. The Pro PBB Series blender features a 2-speed, 390-watt motor that crushes ice or liquifies fruit in seconds. Feel like a bartender with the Pro WPB Series Professional Bar blender--its 40 oz. glass carafe has removable blades for easy cleaning. You can even mix margaritas on the go: the Tailgater Blender plugs into 12 volt cigarette lighters and has a shatterproof 48 oz. plastic carafe.

Prepare Food Like a Pro

Having the right equipment on hand can make you feel like a professional chef. Waring offers food slicers for perfect cold cuts, meat grinders for outstanding hamburgers or sausage, as well as commercial-grade juice extractors. Waring has spent more than sixty years perfecting their appliances for commercial kitchens--now you can take their expertise home.

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