Waring Blenders

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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The blender has been an essential appliance in kitchens across the world since its invention in 1922. With its tall jug container and spinning blades, it chops, mixes, and purees foods, and crushes ice to make frosty frozen drinks. But blenders have been important in other ways as well. Did you know Dr. Jonas Sark used a Waring blender while working on the vaccine for polio?

Fred Osius originally invented the Waring blender in 1935, backed by band leader and engineering student Fred Waring. Waring unveiled his "Miracle Mixer" in 1937 at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. He later changed the name to the "Waring Blender" and tirelessly marketed his new gadget to the hotels and restaurants he visited with his band. Waring blenders soon became the most popular blender in commercial kitchens everywhere.

Now Waring has created the Waring Pro line of blenders--commercial-grade blenders available to the home cook. They crush ice in seconds with their sharp blades and powerful motors. And they're simple to use with two speeds to choose from. The Waring Pro Series Blender has a 390-watt motor beneath its brushed stainless steel exterior. The Waring Pro WPB Series Professional Bar Blender will have you mixing daiquiris and margaritas like a born bartender. Maybe the most exciting Waring blender is the Tailgater. You can take it on the boat or on the road--it plugs into a 12 -volt cigarette lighter.

Classic, Professional Waring Quality

Commercial kitchens have relied on Waring blenders for almost 70 years. Their unique, patented design makes even heavy-duty blending a snap. And all Waring blenders disassemble for easy cleaning.

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