West Bend Coffee Urns

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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There are times when you need a lot of coffee--say, when you're up all night studying. And then there are times when you need a lot of coffee--say, when you're hosting an event for 100 people. It's possible to run a standard coffee maker over and over again, but it takes forever and needs someone standing over it the entire time. That's why West Bend Commercial Coffee Urns are so convenient. They brew a large amount of coffee in just one batch, and keep it hot and fresh all day.

The West Bend Commercial 55-Cup Aluminum Coffee Urn is a great size--large enough to hold a lot of coffee, but it will fit into a smaller space. It brews up coffee at about a minute per cup, and the automatic temperature control keeps it at the proper temperature. There's no need to worry about the proper way to use it because instructions are printed right on the faceplate. Almost any size cup or mug fits easily under the two-way dripless faucet and the coffee level gauge lets you know when it's time to refill.

When it comes to a crowd that likes to get highly caffeinated, it's time for the big guns. The West Bend 100-Cup Commercial Aluminum Coffee Urn brews to capacity in under two hours. It has all the convenience of the smaller model--coffee level gauge, instructions right on the machine, two-way dripless faucet. Both machines are UL listed for both home and commercial use, have a heat-resistant base and handles, and include a cleaning tool.

West Bend Makes Coffee Service Easy for Large Events

There's nothing as tiresome as waiting for a cup of coffee to brew. It would take a standard 10-cup coffee maker ten cycles to make 100 cups of coffee. That's also ten messy coffee filters full of wet grounds. A West Bend coffee urn does this in just one batch, and is perfect for the office, church, school, or catered events.

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