Table Lamps

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Nothing is more important to the design of a room than lighting. The right lighting showcases a room in the best way possible. Without the right lighting, all the hard work that goes into interior design might as well be thrown out the window. While there are many types of lighting to choose from, table lamps are a popular choice because they are intimate, directional and task-oriented.

To create a room that is warm and cozy, selecting the appropriate table lamp is a must. Overhead lighting, in most cases, is not very flattering on furniture or people. It is very flat and uninteresting. Table lamps, on the other hand, cast a localized glow and can create a very calming mood. The design of the lamp can also add charm and character to a room.

Choosing the Right Table Lamp for a Room

When deciding what type of lighting is right for a particular room design, there are a few things to keep in mind. What is the color palate of the room? If the room is designed with mostly warm colors, matching the room with a table lamp that gives off a warm glow is appropriate. Lamps with glass, wooden, and darker colored shades will give off a warmer glow than those with a translucent white shade. Conversely, if the colors in the room are light or pastel, a lamp with a translucent white shade will add to the softness of the room.

It is also important to consider the style of the room. Table lamps come in a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional to avant garde. A table lamp should fit into the style of the room in addition to showcasing the room itself.

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